Fall Candles Haul

So it’s finally my favorite time of year and also my busiest. My classes, work and internship are in overdrive and I’m exhausted. One of my favorite home item that helps me relax are candles. I think most people will agree with me that Bath and Body Works owns the candle game. They always come out with amazing seasonal scents. So over the past month I’ve collected quite a few from B&BW and also two from my second home, Target. Target’s candles are subtle but just as good!

Here are the ones I got from Bath and Body Works:

dsc00791 dsc00792   dsc00796 dsc00797dsc00798

Here’s the two I got from Target:

dsc00795 dsc00794

My favorite type of candles are the deeper, mahogany and some marshmallow/vanilla scent. I don’t really like the super sweet ones. I would say these all go along those lines of those smells. A lot of the pumpkin flavor ones I can’t do. The pairing of the pumpkin is either too sweet or too strong for my liking. But the great thing about B&BW candles are that there are scents for everyones liking. Now I can’t wait for their Christmas candle scents to come out!! Yes, I’m much more into Christmas than I am Halloween and I’m not ashamed! Haha

Xo Mckenna


2 thoughts on “Fall Candles Haul

  1. THE MARSHMELLOW FIRESIDE IS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love stocking up on Bath and Body works products, ESPECIALLY THEIR CANDLES! HAPPY NATIONAL BLOGGERS DAY ! You’ve got such a lovley blog ! I would love if you could visit my blog… and maybe even follow it !


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