Mini Vegan Grocery Haul

Monday’s aren’t my favorite, but I do love it when I get off my internship an hour earlier and get to go grocery shopping. I don’t know if any one else out there loves it but I LOVE grocery shopping! So I thought I would share the type of stuff I get and some new things I wanted to try from Whole Foods.

*(This haul is mini so it’s not exactly everything I get)*

img_2116 img_2117 img_2118 img_2119 img_2121 img_2122 img_2123

img_2124 img_2125

One of my coworkers at my internship had a make your own salad from Trader Joe’s and it got me into the salad making mood so I bought some stuff for that. Then I picked up some fruit, tofurky, cheese, chips and some cookies that I’ve been wanting to try. If anyone is interested in knowing this all cost me around $40. You can definitely find cheaper stuff but my regular grocery store I get my vegan basics from don’t have certain brands of stuff I like.

Hope you liked this post and have a happy Monday!

Xo Mckenna


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