Vegan magazines I love!

So I’ve been vegan for a year now this month which is crazy how fast it went. I’ll also make a separate blog post on being vegan for a year later on. When I went vegan I didn’t know anyone else personally who was vegan so I had to seek other ways to get information on what to eat, what are good ethical brands, etc. My greatest tool was obviously the internet because I don’t think there’s nothing one can’t find or learn about on there now. Throughout this year I’ve been finding and discovering vegan magazines. They have been the best tools for me to keep up to date on the vegan lifestyle and here are some of my favorites that I want to share with you!


This was the first vegan magazine I came across and immediately fell in love with it. It’s not only bright and colorful but also informative. In the magazine they have so many different kinds of vegan recipes from brunch to pizza to fun ways you can dress up your potatoes. I can’t help but clip out all the recipes to try in the future. It’s great they also feature vegan brands that aren’t food related i.e. clothes, shoes, purses, etc. They also keep updated on their Food + Health section of how veganism is on the rise and the health benefits to going vegan. My absolute favorite section in the magazine is when they feature a city and show all of the delicious vegan options available. It’s helpful when planning trips and a great way to get ideas. I also like to follow their Instagram page (@vegnews) because every day they post new vegan food products they’ve tried and it’s fun to see all the new stuff coming out! If you’re not ready to commit to a monthly subscription you can pick up a copy at Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble or check out their website for newsletters.

Vegan Life

I stumbled across Vegan Life while waiting in the check out lane at Whole Foods. I quickly skimmed through some of the pages and then just put it in my basket. Vegan Life is a magazine that’s based in the UK so it’s a bit more expensive to purchase in the states (£4.25 –> $8.50). It has a bit of the same concept as VegNews but with different brands, recipes and a bit more deeper articles. Before I knew about this magazine I had been to the UK before doing my study abroad and loved finding all the vegan options around. Having it be my first time traveling abroad, and while vegan, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I wasn’t disappointed. What I especially love about this magazine is that they have sections in every issue that caters to alcoholic beverages that are vegan friendly. It’s not something I think about since I don’t drink much (I am 23 and legal btw) but it’s good to know about options! So far I’ve only been able to find Vegan Life in Whole Foods but their website can show you where you can find and pick up a copy near you.

 Cook Vegan

This magazine is chop full of vegan recipes from burgers, side dishes, juices and desserts. So pretty much all you could want plus everything in between. I also found this at Whole Foods and it’s also based in the UK like Vegan Life. I like that this one has all recipes so if you need something new and quick you can take a look through it and find what you need. Here’s the website to find lots more recipes news for vegans.


There shouldn’t be much mystery as to why I got hooked on this one. IT’S. SO. COLORFUL. The front cover is so glossy and has colorful vegan food on it. Heavenly. This was another one of my “waiting in line at Whole Foods” moments and I saw something shiny and couldn’t resist! THRIVE is different because it takes people who are vegan bloggers, caterers, chefs, etc and asks them questions about being vegan and they share with the readers a favorite recipe of theirs. It’s interesting to read about how other people became vegan and their cooking tips as well. What’s also interesting about the magazine is that halfway through the magazine you have to flip it to read it the opposite way. This is for sure one I’m going to make sure I pick up every month! If you want to read more about it visit their website here.

So those are my favorite vegan magazines that help me learn more about veganism and give me foodspiration for days! If there are any magazines that you like please feel free to comment below so I could check them out!

Xo Mckenna


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